About me

Mountain life has always been my big passion, and I started climbing mountains at a very young age. First the Pyrenees, then the Alps and not much later Andes, Himalaya and Alaska. I often carried a camera with me to document the mountain activities my friends and I were undertaking. However, I only really discovered the many possibilities of photography after I started producing slide projections of all our alpine adventures. Later on, when I moved to the USA and where I lived for several years, I encountered several professional photographers, who inspired me, and they encouraged me to study photography, which I subsequently ended up doing.

Although I don’t climb mountains the same way I was used to, when I was younger, I still immensely enjoy being in very close contact with mountains, and with nature overall. In some fashion, photography has given me the opportunity to discover other ways of deeply connecting with them both. One of the most valuable notions that the outdoor environments have provided to me, is the sense of pure isolation that I can experience. For this reason I believe it’s no coincidence that this particular theme is so often present in most of my personal photo-work, where I attempt to show that precise feeling of isolation, as well as the affinity that occurs, when one lives with nature in such a profound way.

During my career as a professional photographer I have worked in various different areas. I started out working in the documentary and photojournalism field, then subsequently moved on to more commercial photography and more recently into stock photography as well. To date, my main activity is mostly divided between commissioned photography work and education. Currently I am teaching a master’s course (of creative photography) at ESCAC (Terrassa, Spain). In addition, I’ve also taught a post-grade level course of advanced photography at IDEP (Barcelona, Spain).

I would like to conclude here with a quote by fellow photographer Richard Learoyd:

“A photograph should have the ability to communicate the sense of humanity, specially if it’s a picture of a person, and it should have an internal narrative that allows you to walk away with a question or two in your mind.”


Miquel Llonch is a photographer based in Catalonia, Spain. He has been working as a freelance since 1995. Currently he combines commissioned assignments, stock photography for Stocksy and some personal projects.


  • La ciutat del silenci, individual exhibition at Sala Muncunill, Terrassa. 2020.
  • Retrat de familia, collective exhibition at Docfield, Barcelona. 2018.
  • Exhibition at Photography Festival LA NUU in Rubí, Spain. 2018.
  • Exhibition with photographer Carmen Escudero at Le Consulat Gallery in Lisboa, Portugal. 2017.
  • UN CIERTO PANORAMA collective exhibition and catalog at Sala Canal Isabel II in Madrid, Spain. 2017.
  • Individual exhibition at ATM- GALERIA ALTAMIRA in Gijon, Spain. 2013.
  • Exhibition with photographer Camino Laguillo at LA NEW GALLERY in Madrid, Spain. 2012
  • Selected for Descubrimientos PHOTOESPAÑA 2009.